Design Team – Six Sigma Deployment GPS System

During his appearance on my radio program Quality Conversations, friend and long time Six Sigma practitioner and consultant Mike Carnell, spoke of the need to create and sustain a Design Team throughout the Six Sigma deployment initiative. As he described it, the Design Team, or what I have sometimes heard called the Business Guidance Team, creates the plan for the deployment, takes it from being an individuals plan to that of the organization, and ensures that the business remains truly on course.

Much like the GPS that we used on our way to Virginia in March for the National Home School High School Boys Basketball Tournament, (we finished third and this link shows the consolation game) the Design Team helps maintains the best course to take to the organizations desired destination. During the 970 mile and 14 hour trip from Iowa to Virginia, we occasionally veered off the predetermined path but once the issue was resolved (3 adult males and 4 teenaged boys…you can figure it out) we’d strap ourselves back into the vehicle, hit the ignition, check the GPS, and be redirected back to the correct path.

Certain organizational and economical issues may cause us to get off course during our continuous improvement deployment efforts but by checking back with the Design Team we can right ourselves and get back on the road to our desired destination…breakthrough results. I’d like to hear from you. Do you have such a team and if so, what’s its role? How does it operate?

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